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  • Stocked Mini Fridge

  • Free Wifi

  • Smart TV Access

  • Seats 6 Comfortably


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  • Coffee Bar

  • Free Wifi

  • Networking

Private Offices

Stepping out of the confines of one’s home and renting an office space can be a transformative experience for many professionals. While working from home offers comfort and flexibility, an external office space provides a dedicated environment free from domestic distractions, fostering increased productivity and focus. Renting an office also facilitates a clear separation between work and personal life, allowing for better work-life balance. Moreover, it offers opportunities for networking, collaboration, and establishing a more professional image for clients and partners. In essence, while the initial investment might seem daunting, the long-term benefits of renting an office space often outweigh the costs. *includes membership to our indoor golf simulator located on site ($125 value)*